Auto Immune Disease

Auto Immune Disease

All auto immune diseases respond well to Natural bio-identical Progesterone as ALL the cortico-steroids come from PROGESTERONE, the ‘mother’ hormone. Cortico-steroids are those hormones that keep auto-immune diseases at bay.  If these hormones are deficient, then auto-immune disease, allergies and inflammatory conditions result.  Mainstream medicine is looking at auto-immune disease from the wrong angle .... their treatment is to suppress the immune system.  Without an immune system, you may as well turn up your toes !! 
Unfortunately, medically, even when the problem is diagnosed properly, the treatment frequently falls short.

" My father, who has been suffering from severe arthritis for so many decades, had such a miraculous reaction to your cream, Naturone.  From having to play golf from a golf cart, within just 3 months he was walking the entire 18 holes.  He is pain free and very happy. Thanks !  I would like an explanation as to what and how Naturone helped his amazing recovery from this degenerative condition."

Yes Arthritis is a degenerative, auto-immune disease.  It is preventable and reversible.  Have a look at the chart showing the “Mother Hormone”, PROGESTERONE HORMONE PATHWAY under the heading BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES, you will note that the Cortico steroids come directly from Progesterone.  If there is not enough Progesterone in the body, you will not make your Cortico-steroids.  A deficiency in this group of steroids (which includes your own Cortisone) leads to inflammatory conditions, auto-immune disease and allergies.  This deficiency is the chief cause of arthritis (and all auto-immune diseases), especially if there is an inherent weakness towards this condition .  The main cause of this deficiency is STRESS.  The stress hormones, Adrenalin and Cortisol have the first call on our Progesterone, and they are continually draining our levels of this mother hormone because of our continuous high stress levels.  This leads to breakdown in tissue etc which results in Arthritis developing.  I am sure you will notice how the arthritis gets far worse if you are stressed?  Once the cortico-steroid levels rise, the arthritis can disappear.

NATURONE  IS THE MOST IMPORTANT supplement to start with.  Rub ½ ml twice daily for a man, or 1ml twice daily for a woman.  Arthritis is also aggravated by acidity in your cells.  I do recommend those with arthritis to change their diet to one that is more alkaline in nature, and to avoid the disastrous acidic foods sugar, refined carbohydrates and meat. Coffee Tea and also to be avoided as are all carbonated drinks  and also pasteurised fruit juices .  Eat vegetables raw and cooked, fruit raw only and snack on almond nuts.  It is important to take A Vogel’s Alkaline powder which helps to raise the cellular pH.  Supplement with huge doses of Omega 3 oils and take Glucosomine and Chondroitin.

In autoimmune conditions, the whole body is involved, rather than just the organ that has been attacked. The damaged organ, in this case the thyroid, is referred to as the "target-organ." Interventions are generally directed only at the target-organ, and not the source of the problem, which is the entire immune system. Thyroid doctors do not generally address the immune system problem because almost every standard medicine in the conventional medical arsenal is ineffective for autoimmunity. Recently developed immune-boosting medicines are not appropriate when the immune system is already in autoimmune overdrive. Even the new immune-modulator drugs like Paxone and Avonex are not used for thyroiditis. Unfortunately, doctors simply do not have a pill to prescribe that will directly reduce the autoimmune component of low thyroid.

However, many non-drug approaches offer substantial promise. The alternative way is to get the immune system working properly once again.  Here one should take huge doses of anti-oxidants and Omega 3 and a good Amino-acid supplement, as well as natural progesterone therapy.   Also one needs to have a change in belief here regarding this condition as an inherited condition and therefore one has to “accept one’s fate”, which immediately puts you into ‘Victim mentality’ with all it’s negative connotations.   Read the 'BIOLOGY of BELIEF' by Bruce Lipton, and preferable watch the DVD called 'Biology of perception' to see the truth behind genetically inherited conditions.  Basically what he says is that you may have the gene, but you do not have to let it express itself, there are ways of doing this (as I suggested above).

The bottom line is that Medicine can do little for auto-immune disease, but alternative methods WORK !!

It turns out that the cause of virtually all cases of low thyroid is not so much a faulty thyroid gland, as it is an over-zealous immune system. As strange as it might seem, common low thyroid is a mild immune system illness in which the immune system wrongly attacks the innocent thyroid gland.  The illness is called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in honour of the Japanese doctor who first identified it.  In a desperate attempt to ward off an apparent assault from all sides, our confused antibodies are increasingly attacking our own glands and hormones.

Recent research is suggesting runaway environmental pollutants, among others, as likely culprits. These deleterious influences appear to be assaulting our sensitive and delicately balanced immune systems, causing mixed messages within the body. Some of the new chemicals our immune system tries to fend off are hormone mimics. Others are hormone blockers. This, again is why progesterone will help as it will occupy the receptor sites NOT allowing the hormone mimics to plug in.  Many of the thousands of these new chemicals dumped into the environment are simply low-level poisons.  This is where anti-oxidants are important. Still another possibly suspicious trend on the increase is the widespreadfluoridation of municipal water supplies and its long-range risks to sensitive immune balance posed by fluoridation Be aware of the toxins going into her body.  HOWEVER the high stress of daily life may be the biggest factor in thyroid disease as it is in heart disease. Anxiety and depression are known to have deleterious effects on immune balance. This is where the "Valium effect" of natural progesterone has such an amazing effect.  Also, the increasingly rapid pace of life may leave little time for immune-restoring activities like aerobic exercise, muscle building, or slow stretching. So regulare exercise is very important. Keep in mind that what is disruptive to the immune system now, may be disruptive to a thyroid gland later
Although it was once thought that the immune system functioned fairly autonomously, it is now known that this body system is in constant two-way dialogue with the brain. The control centers in the brain are continually feeding information to the immune system, and the immune system is continuously feeding information back to the brain. Our emotions, our stress level, and the very fabric of our inner life are directly related to the quality of this brain-immune conversation..Remember that 50% of the progesterone receptor sites are found in the brain, so being progesterone deficient (which most of us are most of the time, because of the drain on progesterone from the stress hormones) throws everything out of balance.