A Promoter




You can become a PROMOTER of NATURONE for just

R150 in South Africa
Approx Euro 20.00, all countries in Europe
Approx GBP 17.00, in United Kingdom
Approx US$ 30.00 in the USA and
Approx AU$ 30.00 in Australia.
(Prices fluctuate slightly according to currency variations)

As long as you commit to purchasing at least one set of Naturone each month, being a promoter entitles you to: –

  • 30% commission on the product sales.  Extra bonuses can be earned too.
  • Information on how to build a great business from home.
  • Information on Progesterone Therapy and other health issues.

To REGISTER AS A PROMOTER ONLINE – choose your Currency to enter our Online Shop


These are paid from the distribution office within the first week of the following month and are paid to Registered Active Promoters only.
Please Email all enquiries to FIONA at the distribution office.
MONTH END STATUS Contact us here 2 days before month end if your wish to know your T.O. (Team Orders), so that you have time to place additional orders to take you to a better bonus level if you so wish.  Last orders must be in before 1 p.m. (RSA time) on the last day of each month.  TEAM LEADERS should send their month end reports to SALLY on the last day of the month.

You can also contact us from the Contact Page.