Hi Sally ūüėä

After 6 months of a healthy diet and using naturone as instructed, I'm pleased so say that my cervical dysplasia is 100% clear! I got my latest Pap smear results this morning ūüėä

Thank you so much for a wonderful product! I will continue to use naturone indefinitely ūüėä

Fibrocystic breasts and migraines ...gone 1


 I have been on naturone for a full 28 day cycle now. The pain in my breast caused by large cysts is gone. Touch wood, I have not had a hormonal migraine in 5 weeks. I am extremely pleased with the results, thank you.

Luteal Phase abortions


Dear Sally,
I am 33 this year and fell pregnant end of 2010, but had a miscarriage 3 weeks pregnant. It took another 13 months before I fell pregnant again, this time the pregnancy lasted 5weeks and then I lost the baby. I started spotting 4 weeks into the pregnancy and was placed on Cyclogest pessaries. I noticed that immediately the cramping stopped and the spotting, unfortunately a week later I did indeed miscarry. 
I am ovulating, since I have tested for it and have seen it on the scans. My period is regular, every 26 days, but I spot for 5 days and then heavy flow for 2 days, thereafter it tampers down for another 3 days. I don‚Äôt have any serious cramping while I have my period, or never had endometriosis; my uterus is according to the Gynecologist perfect ‚Äď so it doesn‚Äôt seem like I should have a problem? However, I have other symptoms like dry vagina and night sweats too, which seems to be symptoms of low progesterone. So basically, I do ovulate but my Luteal Phase seems to be short or my body is not producing enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. During my second miscarriage we tested my progesterone levels and at 4weeks pregnant the count was 18 and the Dr said she would have liked it to be 60 or at least 30 (I don‚Äôt know what measurements they use). My question is: do you think my problem is a shortage of progesterone or estrogen dominant? And would Naturone help me?¬†

Yes N, you most certainly are suffering from low progesterone levels. May I suggest you go onto Naturone and double the dose from ovulation onwards, and if there is no menses then continue with the double dose until you are in the 4th month of pregnancy.  Thereafter it will be your choice to stay on it for the duration of the pregnancy or slowly wean off it.  After the 4th month the placenta takes over the production of progesterone and usually this is sufficient.  The most common miscarriage these days is the :Luteal Phase abortions that happen in the first few weeks of pregnancy.  The good news is that it will also increase your fertility, so hopefully you will fall pregnant soon.

Good luck and take care

Fibrocystic breast and migraine gone !


 I have been on naturone for a full 28 day cycle now. The pain in my breast caused by large cysts is gone. Touch wood, I have not had a hormonal migraine in 5 weeks. I am extremely pleased with the results, thank you.

Thyroid dysfunction and pregnancy


NOV 10

Sally I must tell you that there are so many people going on to the progesterone cream or really looking in to it - and really happy with it - even Sue who was very sceptical for years is hooked and telling people ...
Dee has announced her pregnancy and Mel due end of the month - all good
time you came and gave another talk though i think
Dani feeling like a million dollars and Desa (her aunt who works for me - looking so good ! She was so depressed and could hardly function), Yeah for Sally and progesterone !!

Zoe xx


Hi Sally
My Physiotherapist (Zoe) recommended that I have a look at your website. I found it very interesting... so interesting that I have recently ordered the cream!
I have hypothyroidism and take Thyroxine every day. I desperately  want to wean off this as the idea of taking it for the rest of my life bothers me.
Also... I am 30 years old and my husband and I would like to try for a baby soon but I would really like to try and regulate my cycles before we attempt this. I have been having Acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs and that has done wonders for all my symptoms (severe bloating, painful/heavy periods, terrible mood swings/depression, no libido or energy)... essentially I feel fantastic now (like a new woman!) However..... the one thing that I wanted to fix has not happened yet. My cycles are very long- in winter I can go 13 weeks with no period and when it is warmer I average around 46 days. I have been told that if you ovulate past day 21 there is an increase risk of miscarriage. So, I would like to try the Natural Progesterone to fix this.
My questions are
1) How often and how much should I apply given my long cycles?
2) Should I get retested for my thyroid soon after I start applying the cream or wait a bit?
3) How long does it take to arrive in Perth?
Kind regards,


Yes the progesterone will regulate your cycles and get you ovulating normally once again once you overcome the oestrogen dominance.  This may take 3 months or so to fully detox, but the cycles should shorten and become regular thereafter.
Day ONE of your cycle is the first day of your period. Under normal circumstances you will start the cream on day 13 and stop when your period starts which is usually about 2 weeks.  However with your long cycles, just do start on day 13 but ONLY stop when a period starts even if it takes 2 months or so.  THIS SHOULD GRADULALLY BECOME A NORMAL CYCLE once hormonal balance is re- achieved.
After 1 month you should also slowly wean yourself off Thyroxin over the next 3 months or so.  Get another Thyroid test after 3 months, but do not be despondant if it is not looking perfect yet, as things do take time to readjust.


I'm very excited to tell you that I am 17 weeks pregnant. I honestly believe this couldn't be achieved without Naturone.

My question is- I have kept the dosage the same since I conceived but I was wondering if I should keep this up or taper the dosage?

I read somewhere that if you have Hashimotos thyroiditis it's a good idea to keep the dosage up throughout the pregnancy. Have you heard of this? Yes DaniI suggest you do keep taking it throughout your pregnancy.




Question from Mary in Ireland ... DO I NEED PROGESTERONE ?

just came across your products through google..dont know if you can help but would appreciate your help...I am 44 trying to concieve. I have a 7 year old daughter that was concieved and delievered with no problems. however, since, I have had 5 miscarriages, a long series of tests- all normal. I have been trying to concieve for 2 years and nothing...my periods are regular in that I have a short cycle 24 days usually. I often get a light period aroudn day 19 and then full period on day 24....do I need progestrone?

Sally's reply ....
Yes Mary you do need progesterone.  This will be your best chance of falling pregnant.  However, I have to say that your age is against you and if your eggs are finished, it won't be possible.  Naturone, will get you ovulating (if there are any eggs left) and keep the pregnancy. REMEMBER THAT PROGESTERONE IS THE PREGNANCY HORMONE, AND DEFICIENCIES WILL RESULT IN ABORTIONS AND MISCARRIAGES.  Progesterone prevents Luteal Phase abortions which are the most common form of miscarriage these days and happens in the first 3 - 4 weeks of pregnant usually.  Press Read More to see the testimonies on pregnancy .......




 Thankyou for my previous order; I cannot express fully enough the delight and relief of symptoms that this cream has given me. For years I have (unknowingly) suffered from ovarian cysts culminating in one bursting last year resulting in major surgery and removal of my right ovary and fallopian tube. A few months later another appeared on my left ovary - the size of a football! The pain and swelling was extremely debilitating and I was advised by my gynae that another operation was the only option. Not happy with this prospect I wanted to undertand and address the source of the problem. This led me to Stella Berg, who pinpointed the cause - hormonal imbalance - and in turn put me onto your Naturone. Within a couple of weeks of using your cream the swelling reduced completely and of course the consequent pain disappeared - I can now walk without dicomfort, I'm no longer plagued by intermittent seizures of pain and my energy levels are rising again.
Just absolutely marvellous!!

Please send me a repeat order ‚Äď

P Higgin



I was recently introduced to the cream Naturone by Pam. I was dubious at first as this cream is not inexpensive. I was willing to try it as I am no spring chicken and with menopause around the corner as well, as me being a potential victim for breast cancer; I took the plunge and started using the cream. When I say I am a potential victim for cancer it is because I have relatives on my father and my mothers side who have had breast cancer. My mom was also a victim, so I have to go for regular check-ups for this reason. I have only experienced tenderness on my left side and after using Naturone for two months this has disappeared.

I was also suffering from bleeding piles for quite some time and nothing seemed to help. After usingNaturone this condition suddenly cleared up. As I am no medical expert I cannot prove that it was the cream that helped me, but as I was not using anything else I can only put it down to that.

My only complaint is that you cannot get this through your medical aid and as this is a natural progesterone it can only be beneficial for you. We live in such an artificial age and good products likeNaturone are hard to come by and it can also be heavy on your pocket. I feel we should all be able to benefit from natural products which do more good than harm. 

Thank you




My mother attended a talk given by you here in Harare and bought me a tub of Naturone. I had had severe PND after my first baby which lasted for 6 months, and she knew I would give anything not to go through the same thing again. This time round, (my baby is now 3 month) I put 1ml Naturone morning and night and have not had depression, in fact have not had so much as one negative thought. It is quite amazing. It is also wonderful to know that there was a reason for the other depression and that I was NOT going mad !

Many thanks for your product, I will be telling all my pregnant friends about this wonderful product.

By the way, I am an amazing cow, this time round, and my baby is so good. Could this also be an effect of this product?