How to Fall Pregnant

Trying to fall pregnant

Patricia says...
"I am interested in taking the progesterone cream, I have been trying to conceive for 5 years after one miscarriage back in 2005. Do you think the cream can help me, my chemist wanted to sell me some synthetic cream saying that natural does not exists!"

Can using the cream from day 12 delay or stop ovulation as I have read on the net that if progesterone cream is used before ovulation it can stop it alltogether. Does it ? Can it ? Also I have read on the net that progeterone cream can help with ovulation ie make it more regular if taken after ovulation every month. So would you still say that I need to take it from day 12 even though my ovulation date can range between day 18 to 26?

Sally's reply...
"Naturally your progesterone levels start rising a few days before ovulation. All those who I have helped fall pregnant with Naturone have followed the day 12, 13 or 14 recommendation, (depending on the length of your cycle) i.e. apply the cream from 14 days before the next expected menses and apply 2ml twice daily. Only if progesterone is taken all month can it stop ovulation. However, always go with your intuition. It really will not make any difference if you start a few days later. The day 12 recommendation does lead to regular cycles etc. Remember too, that if you think you are pregnant, DO NOT STOP the Naturone until the 4th month of pregnancy. This will prevent Luteal Phase Abortions."

Patricia says...
"I received the cream on Saturday and I already see changes just in 5 days of taking it. My heels are not dry anymore and my basal temperature has gone up from 36.2 to around 36.4 in the morning. Thank god I got the cream on Saturday as I was on the 13th day of my cycle."

So I shall let you know what happens next. I do not expect to fall pregnant the first month of taking it but how would I know if I was since you recommend to take one pot a month which would bring me to day 28 of my cycle.

1. My period should arrive right after that and what if it doesn't ?

2.Also once I have ovulated this month my temp should go up as usual or do you think the first month I might not ovulate at all. 3.Will it actually help with ovulating earlier in the month ?

Sorry about the lot of question but this is new to me.

4. My husband has got very dry heels, is it a sign that he should take 1/2 spoon a day, he also has low libido would it help him to take some also ?

Many thanks Sally for your help, the cream feels really good on the skin.

Sally's reply...
"Good news ! Now to answer your queries !

1. As you are taking it to fall pregnant, you do NOT STOP the cream UNTIL your period starts. This is because luteal phase abortions are the most common miscarriage today due to low levels of progesterone in the first 3 - 4 weeks of pregnancy. If your period does not come ... then take it that you are pregnant, and carry on the cream uninterrupted until the 4th month of pregnancy and then slowly wean yourself off. At this stage the placenta has taken over the production of progesterone and is producing vast amounts. You could fall pregnant anytime, so just be aware of this regime. I must also warn you that when you start Naturone you may go through a detox that may mess up your cycles for a few months. Do not panic as this is a good thing... you need to detox the xeno-oestrogens. This does not mean however, that you may not still ovulate. So again, in case you DO fall pregnant, do not stop the cream unless you get your period.

2. This is a possibility ... again expect some changes due to the detox, but all come more than right again once you have detoxed.

3.After a few months on Progesterone therapy, it makes you regular, and whether your genetic cycle is 26, 28 or 30 days it does not matter.

4 Men need progesterone as much as women though their dose is ONLY 1/3 ml twice daily."