Naturone Therapy

Naturone - Natural Progesterone Therapy

The natural progesterone (bio-identical molecule to the human) is placed in a cream that when applied to the skin, is transported through the skin into the bloodstream to the cells. Natural progesterone is the antagonist to oestrogen, it keeps it under control and completes the hormone cycle. It counters all the ill effects of OESTROGEN DOMINANCE and restores HORMONAL BALANCE, peace of mind body and spirit!

Where in nature there is always balance between oestrogen and PROGESTERONE, this is no longer the case … In the group of oestrogens, one Oestradial, responsible for giving the female their secondary sexual characteristics, comes into play at puberty and stops its action at menopause. This fertile female oestrogen, switches on a gene in the body called the BCL2 gene. This gene causes cellular proliferation … the cells multiply, do not differentiate and do not die. Progesterone on the other hand switches off this gene in favour of the protective gene, the P53, which reverses those instructions, the cell then matures, differentiate and dies. If the cells do not get this message, then their proliferation can become a problem such as with CANCER CELL GROWTH, ENDOMETRIOSIS AND FIBROIDS.

Oestrogen dominance is easily rectified, but the only way is to restore this delicate balance is by applying NATURAL PROGESTERONE. The best way to get natural progesterone into the blood stream quickly is in cream form. This then restores the balance between oestrogen and progesterone immediately and in a short time the symptoms of oestrogen dominance disappear.

Natural Progesterone restores hormonal balance

Why do we need it?

It is now necessary to help our bodies adapt to this ‘man-made’ environment. The world has changed radically in the last 60 years, becoming progressively more toxic because of man-made chemicals. Man is no longer adapting well to the environment he has created.

Observe the general health of the population:

  • People are dying of cancers never seen before. The incidence of cancer has soared from 3 % of the population in the 1920’s to over 40%.
  • Allergies abound. Look around any school playground and see how many children have to have asthma pumps. ADD and ADHD are effecting more and more children, many of whom are being put on Ritalin which can cause serious psychological problems in later life.
  • People are now dying of heart disease in their 30’s.
  • Infertility in the West is rife. Sperm counts in the West are down more than 50%.
  • Depression is becoming a serious pandemic in both females and males, adults and children.
  • Osteoporosis is even effecting young males these days.
  • Auto-immune disease is dramatically on the increase

The Culprits
Many man-made synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants are now known to be “Endocrine disruptors”, causing hormonal imbalances. Some, referred to as “Xenooestrogens”,mimic oestrogen and are causing imbalance between our own oestrogen and progesterone levels because of their oestrogenic effect in nature.
These include DDT, dioxin and PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls). Fifty -one chemicals have now been identified as hormone disrupters. The xeno-oestrogens concentrate in the fat of the animals that we eat and eventually end up in our own fat. They are present in our foods from the moment we are born, (and effect us even in the foetus) in our air and our water and are capable of disrupting biological processes.Our cells contain oestrogen receptor sites which the xeno-oestrogens lock onto and because the hormones in the body interact with its organs and systems as well as with each other in highly complex and interdependent ways, they can disrupt the workings of the body as a whole. Prior to the chemical revolution, whenever in nature there were high levels of oestrogen produced in the female body, there were correspondingly high levels of progesterone produced, as unopposed oestrogen is highly dangerous. Progesterone is the only antagonist to oestrogen, it keeps oestrogen under control. Unfortunately now this balance between the two hormones has been upset by the xeno-oestrogens.
As a result, a condition called OESTROGEN DOMINANCE is becoming evermore prevalent as the balance in nature is affected.