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Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus

Based on pure salmon oil, providing all the benefits of one of nature’s richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, with standardised amounts of all 8 members of the omega-3 family.

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The quality of what is often referred to as the Western
diet, has dramatically declined in recent years. It is likely that we are no longer getting the right balance and quality of nutrients needed to comply with what is considered a balanced diet. For example, although we may be getting enough protein in our diets, we are getting it from animal and dairy products that are laden with fat and cholesterol. What we need is a high protein food source that is low in fat and cholesterol.

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Numerous studies link carotenoids – yellow, orange, red and green pigments in fruits and vegetables – to reduced risks of aggressive and threatening challenges to the body, an enhanced immune system and tissue protection. Fruit and vegetables are the best sources of carotenoids, but most people do not eat the 5-13 daily servings recommended for optimal well-being. NeoLife’s Carotenoid Complex is a whole-food supplement whose benefits have been demonstrated in human studies conducted by the USDA and university researchers. Each capsule provides the complete carotenoid value of an optimal serving of a wide variety of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables.

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full motion

Full Motion

Cartilage is the slippery tissue that covers the ends of bones in joints, and healthy cartilage allows the bones to smoothly glide over one another without joint pain and discomfort. Every movement your body makes is a miracle of motion, an amazing combination of your joints working together so you can enjoy a life of easy activity. But when your joints ache, your life gets put on hold.Glucosamine is the primary building block of joint cartilage. It is naturally produced in the body from glucose and the amino acid glutamine. Scientists believe that as the body ages, its capacity for producing glucosamine and ultimately cartilage, declines. The loss of glucosamine production combined with an increase in demand due to physical activity and age, can result in pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility. NeoLife’s Full Motionprovides 1500mg of glucosamine, the dose used in studies and shown to reduce pain and stiffness.

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