Stress Related Issues

Stress and "Natures Valium"

PROGESTERONE is known as  “NATURE'S VALIUM” and goes a long way in stress management because it stops our usual 'reaction' to stress, we rather 'respond philosophically' to the stressful event, and thereby avoid releasing the health damaging stress hormones Adrenalin and Cortisol.

However, understanding the nature of stress is the key to stress control.

The effectiveness of any therapy, including progesterone therapy, will be assisted or compromised by good or bad nutrition. Of all the environmental poisons bad food is the easiest to avoid.

The human organism responds to poisons in the the same way as it does to any stress - it shows symptoms of disease.

The first rule of good nutrition therefore is to avoid bad food, the second is to consume only good food. Western society in particular is largely guilty of ignoring this trite observation.

The following is a broad guide to good nutrition presented to assist those seeking to recover from disease, avoid disease, pursue good health and improve stress control.

General Nutrition
There are some 50 nutrients essential for optimum health and improved stress control, these are:

  • 2 essential fatty acids
  • 10 essential amino acids
  • Approximately 20 minerals
  • 15 vitamins

In addition the body needs:
  • carbohydrates
  • fibre
  • light
  • oxygen
  • water

If any one of these is missing death will follow and if any are in short supply the body will be stressed and start to degenerate.

To improve stress control it is essential to boost the immune system and to control blood sugar levels.The nutrients shown on the right contain the major vitamins and minerals for improving stress control, stabilizing blood sugar levels and preventing oxidative damage.