Testimonials about Naturone Natural Progesterone

SUBJECT: Endometriosis

Good afternoon Mrs Sally,

I trust you are well. It’s been one year and eight months our path crossed. I’ve been ever since that time following your advice and doing my Naturone Therapy. It’s been a year now that I’m officially endometriosis free. God is so wonderful and Nature is really the secret for Healing any ailments I strongly believe that. Last year in April I went for a check up at my gynecologist and he was surprised and couldn’t believe it, and since then I’m well not only the endometriosis suffering is over but my overall health is on point. Thank you again. Now I wish to be a Naturone distributor to help people benefit from it by sharing my story. I’m grateful to God and to you for giving me all these precious advices on how to recover my health. 

I wish you the best in this life and may you always remain blessed.

Warms regards, Gracie

SUBJECT: Progesterone Cream and Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis two years ago.  At the end of July 2005 I visited Eden Health and told them about my situation and how I had to go back into hospital for Laparoscopic Surgery.  They recommended I used Progesterone Cream which could help my symptoms, so I did for the next six months.  At first I thought the cream was very expensive but now I feel it was worth every penny and will continue to use it in the future.

After surgery had taken place to remove the Endometiosis I was informed by the Doctor that something strange had happened and they could not explain what, but I did not need to go back into hospital for further surgery, which would have been a Hysterectomy in my case.  I was absolutely delighted and immediately thought of the Progesterone Cream, that it had worked for me.

SUBJECT: Menopause

What hormones should I take now that I am going through peri-menopause and menopause?

If you are approaching 50 you may well be into peri-menopause and going into menopause at this stage, of life.   Menopause is Not a deficiency disease, but a needed change in our hormonal balance.   The only extra hormone needed at any stage of life these days in this polluted world, in 95% of cases, is Progesterone because it is from this mother” hormone that all the other hormones in the D4 steroid pathway are derived.   If this single hormone, progesterone,   is sufficient then the innate intelligence of the body takes over and all comes into balance.   There are a few minor tremors as the oestradial levels are declining, at this stage of life, and the powerful oestrogen oestriol, is rising, but these symptoms of imbalance can be managed by taking extra progesterone to cope with the extra demand of the stress hormones (it has a valium effect) as well as helping to prevent the hot flushes ….. plus a little Taurine and Melatonin for sleep disturbances at this time.   Needless to say …”you are what you eat” and as far as I am concerned Nobody should be on sugar or gluten, and everyone should be eating a fresh, natural food diet.   Remember everyone is different however and therefore every diet is different … find out what suits you.   I recommend the Keto diet to anyone who is ill with cancer or an auto-immune disease……Plus Naturone.

SUBJECT: Hormonal Migraines

I am 61 years old and have been suffering from hormonal migrains as a result of menopause.  I have been using natural progesterone since may 2017 with remarkable results.  I hardly ever experience migrains and have very light hot flushes that last a few seconds.



My epilepsy medication is phenytoin, and I started my epilepsy at approximately 17 years of age.  Tests in Portugal state I no longer have epilepsy, but I do have the odd seizure only under very extreme cases of stress

Not one neurologist has have ever linked it to oestrogen. Even a top very experienced London consultant. I feel angry that only now after years of strong medication (unneccesssary strain on the liver) I have discovered this whilst wading through perimenopause.

My epilepsy is myeloid epilepsy brought on at 17yrs of age and I am always most vulnerable at times of my period, just a week before being the worst.   They always said I would out grow my epilepsy once into menopause, but that suggests that lack of progesterone was the issue for me.

When you go into puberty, the oestrogen that comes into play is OESTRADIAL …. which is also  the oestrogen connected to adolescent epilepsy. Progesterone is the antagonist to oestrogen and therefore keeps it under control. The progesterone that keeps oestradial under control comes from Ovulation (from the Corpus Luteum, which has just released the ovum) 

However, whenever the balance between these two hormones goes out  (i.e. Known as a state of Oestrogen dominance, which is either too much oestrogen or too little progesterone) …. this can trigger a seizure …

Examples when this can occur are.. 

1. during early puberty when you have not yet started ovulation …when oestrodial is unopposed. (i.e. no progesterone, so you are naturally in a state of oestrogen dominance …. this also is responsible for the bad teen moods, bad skin and weight gain)

2. During early adolescent years when ovulation is not yet firmly established coupled with extra stress … usually just before a period

3. Highly stressful periods which cause unbelievable demand on the progesterone to produce stress hormones … leaving deficiencies elsewhere in the body … resulting in a state of oestrogen dominance.

4. Peri-menopause … when you start an-ovulatory cycles … so you may have months when you are seriously suffering progesterone deficiency.  This usually results in 30+ yr old females thinking they are losing it, mood swings, depression etc. and they usually are put on anti-depressants or worse.

5 After a hysterectomy …. a natural state of oestrogen dominance until the ovaries atrophy.

6.Exposure to too many xeno-oestrogens, which are all the metro-chemical products from skin care/home care products to pesticides/herbicides found on all inorganic foods. This also causes a state of oestrogen dominance.

7. After birth when you are thrown into a huge state of progesterone deficiency because you lose the placenta …. Post Natal Depression is so easily alleviated with progesterone.

8 Menopause… where ovulation has totally ceased … no progesterone is produced during your cycle, but still significantly high oestradial levels are present.  Once the Oestriol levels zenith, the “passage to power has begun “

The Only Molecule to restore this balance is Progesterone !

Take this to your doctor and tell him to do his own research on Dr John Lee who re-awakened the interest in this suppressed hormone (suppressed by Big Pharma because it was a threat to their synthetic drugs …. The Pill and HRT)  He wrote the books What your doctor may not tell you about menopause” being his first, followed by others.


The letter below is from a > 80 year old woman

Dear Sally

The scan I had showed no osteoporosis.  You may recall i was diagnosed with quite severe osteoporosis shortly before I met you at Pat C’s house and after using Naturone the next bone density scan I had showed no sign of it and as far as I was concerned it was gone for good.  I was also scheduled for surgery to have a third lump removed from my right breast and I spoke to the doctor about the Naturone cream and he agreed to postpone the surgery for a couple of months.  Both he and the radiologist were amazed that when I had another x-ray the lump was gone so did not have to have any surgery.




Hi Sally 😊

After 6 months of a healthy diet and using naturone as instructed, I’m pleased so say that my cervical dysplasia is 100% clear! I got my latest Pap smear results this morning 😊

Thank you so much for a wonderful product! I will continue to use naturone indefinitely 😊


Thank you , Sally. I don’t know if you remember my e-mails regarding my daughter and PSO syndrome. I am happy to report that she should be delivering her twin boys in the next two-three weeks. Even though she started on Clomet, we carried on with the Naturone and before she had to go into very drastic treatment , she was pregnant. Both she  and I believe that the Naturone was the greatest contributor.

THANK YOU!! I am prescribing and promoting the product wherever I go and am personally using it for Menopause.

Take care



I began using progesterone cream 5 months before falling pregnant after 9 years of infertility. And I used it liberally during my pregnancies and now have 2 bright and lovely children.

I am interested to know whether I can use naturone on my children, from what age, and how my husband would use it.


Your children …. do not use progesterone therapy on them until their endocrine system is fully developed i.e. until puberty.  Thereafter you can use it liberally.

Re your husband, Dr Shirley Bond’s book Natural Progesterone therapy which she wrote with AnnA Rushton, has a chapter on men and how they use it.  Basically they use it for whatever a woman does (except falling pregnant!!)  but they use 1/3 of the female dose.  It is excellent for stress … i.e. in being non-reactive to stress, as well as for allergies and auto-immune disease prevention and treatment in the early stages to reverse the condition and also men respond especially well for Arthritis.  It is natures anti-inflammartory and pain-killer and rubbed onto the joint it works wonders.


MOYRA had a thyroid problem and was suffering from depression. She started the Naturone cream on 5 May. She initially felt nauseous and very tired, but soon started to feel well. Full of energy and not depressed at all anymore, and has lost 5 kg’s in weight (in only 6 weeks!). Before leaving to live in the UK, she gave us her Thyroid print out

14 March Patients Results Correct Range

F.T.3. 4.0pmd 2.2 – 5.4

Thyroxine 9.9 9.1 – 23.8

T.S.H. 10.28 0.049 – 4.67

30 May F.T.3. 4.1 2.2 – 5.4

Thyroxine 13.5 9.1 – 23.8

T.S.H. 4.14 0.049 – 4.67

Her doctor is very pleased with this result!


I am a man and an avid golfer in my 60’s and have been developing serious arthritis over the last year. It became so bad I could hardly get out of my golf cart. I heard about Progesterone and arthritis from a friend. Within 3 months of taking 1/3 ml twice daily I was not only back playing golf, but no longer needing my Golf cart. It was miraculous. I highly recommend this natural therapy. I will stay on this cream forever !



Hi Sally,

I would just like to express my sincere gratitude to your team who were at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast last night. I found the talk to be very informative.

I purchased the progeseterone cream last night, but I am not entirely sure how much to use. I am 33 years old and suffer from severe migraines that occur at least once a week – this has devastating effects on both my work & family life. I was put on the contraceptive pill (Cerazette) about 3 years ago as my periods were very painful and heavy and my migraines were much more severe at this time. I would like to know if I should stop the pill immediately & how much cream should I use?

I look forward to your response. 

Many Thanks 



Dear Karen

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, I would stop the contraceptive pill and get onto Naturone immediately (You can take these together if you want to complete your cycle). You should be on 2ml morning and night from day 13 of your cycle, rubbed anywhere on your body including the face. Over the next few months your migraines should be a thing of the past, your periods should be fine too,  but do be aware that symptoms of oestrogen dominance can occur as you go through the detox phase (first month or two)

Take care

Sally Longden

Many Thanks Sally – I have been using the cream regularly and haven’t had a migraine attack since, which is wonderful, I have also got some for my mum & aunt – who are both delighted with it.

Many Thanks once again!


Just would like to let you know that I was told about Naturone by my mother-in-law, and I have been on Naturone for three months now and I am thrilled at the results! I have been a migraine sufferer since I started puberty and this was always put down to riding accidents, which I must admit I had plenty of. However after years, years and years of visting chiropractors, doctors, homeopathic doctors etc, and having the frustration of not knowing the cause of these migraines and only having the comfort of ingesting bottles and bottles of migraine tables and having dozens of pethadine jabs to combat the pain; I am thrilled, that at last I now seem to be getting on top of this with this progesterone.

So I really feel indebted to you for approaching my mother-in-law in the bank that day! I am so excited about this alternative to HRT as well and also look forward to my eventual menopause instead of the dread most women view it in these modern times.

I have started to tell my friends about it should any of them like to try this therapy.

Take care. God bless.

Best wishes.


Hi Sally,

Just want to testify, this is the first month that I have not had a cyclical migraine, only been on the cream 4th week now!!  God and Natural Progesterone is good!!




Hi Sally,

Just a short e mail to say hi and hope you are both well.

Just before my walk in the vineyard this morning i was flicking through the tv channels and came to this programme 3 talk on SABC Africa. We dont get Sabc 1 2 or 3.And they were discussing bones etc. What a load of rubbish and the gynaecologist ended with his words of wisdom that all women need estrogen for their bones and da da da.

It again just made me so thankful that you were an answer to my prayers when i was going through that tough time four years ago with the menopause and continual bleeding etc.Thank you Sally for all that you have done for me and given me the knowledge so that i can pass on the Truth to many ignorant people.

I have found over these last four years that with many of the women i have talked to, the ones who have stuck with the cream and altering their life styles and making good choices and becoming responsible for their own bodies are the ones who are converted and spread the message. So many just tried the cream for a few months, tossed it aside and have gone on with their old life styles. And they are suffering now. A lot simply refuse to believe that the cream can do so much good. I have example after example of “friends” who are battling health issues because not only do they refuse to buy the cream[ bleating its too expensive but go on overseas holidays regularly] or change their habits of drinking diet coke etc.One friend is religiously swallowing fosamex and complaining of stomach ailments. and another has crippled fingers but keeps on drinking sodas. I now just refuse that they will steal my joy and we avoid the health topic altogether.

But i have had a few wonderful converts.

Thanks Sally for letting me be a part of your team i really do appreciate it and i press on because of the few out there who genuinely want my help.

Take care and bless you both,



Greetings Sally,

I last menstruated almost 8 Months ago, have polycystic ovaries and insulin resistant – for this reason, am unable to note my ovulation date. I wrote to you asking how to take Naturone in my case. You advised that I should take Naturone 1ml morming and 1ml night everday leaving off 5 days between jars. I should carry on until a period starts, Once a period starts then count 12 days before applying Naturone, continue with the cream until the next period, count 12 days etc. etc. This, you said would soon get me regular (hopefully within the next 6 months) You also attached serious dietary changes that I need to make to overcome Insulin resistance, if I want this all to work.

Well, it has been ten days since I started my first bottle of Naturone as per your dosages below and am so “over the moon” to report that I have had my first period in over 8 months.

I have marked the calendar and am trusting that my next period will be “on time”.

Wow, wish I had come across this product sooner.




Hi Sally,

I’m just so grateful to have access to a product that I now can use and know it helps.  I’ve been diagnosed in 2000 with Fibro-myalgia and ever since been very frustrated,  not being able to live a pain free life or having access to medication that can cure me or make me feel better.  Dr Beverly Traub diagnosed me and since I’ve taken muscle relaxers,  S5 pain killers,  anti-inflammatory,  Cymbalta and multiple injections.  Sometimes just the side effects of some of the medication were too much to deal with.  

I must be honest with you.  I was very skeptical to try Naturone,  obviously because  by now I’ve tried so many products and all in vain.  I was desperate,  because my health deteriated by the day,  but I had nothing to loose.  We also end up paying for all my medication half way trough the year already.  To make things worse,  I developed an overactive thyroid and after treatment now a under active thyroid.  My gynecologist suggested the Merina for me to avoid taking oral contraceptives as well.

Yolandi told me about the product and urged me on to visit your website or to phone you.  Both my husband and myself visited you’re website and I knew I had to try the treatment.  The first month was horrible.  I used the naturone,  stopped all the other medication and could hardly walk or sleep.  The pain was overwhelming.  I remembered phoning you and complaining.  You in return said that I must try and complete the three months course and rub the cream on in the area where the pain was most severe.  I spite off the further deteriation of my health(as I was convinced),  I decided to use the 2nd tub in December and the holiday period made it easier now because I had less work related stress.

That was the turn in my health situation.  I felt better after the second month.  Better means even better than any other day before I started with Naturone.  As soon as I started feeling uncomfortable I knew it was time to start the cream again.  I’ve completed my first three months course now and feel like a new person.  The pain has changed from overwhelming to slightly uncomfortable.  I didn’t take any form of pain killers over the last three months and certainly don’t need any now.  As a result,  I don’t feel like a Zombie,  I sleep well and is back at work in full force.  My husband is also delighted because my not being well has put a lot of strain on my family.  He asked me to reorder enough cream for another 6 months.  

Do you know what it feels like to me;  like a doctor telling me I’m going to live after all,  after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.   




SALLY’S COMMENT ” <slongden@naturone.com> 9/15/2006 6:31 PM >>>


Thanks Sally.  Now I understand why I am so calm in Traffic when I used to be a wreck before.  I can recommend it for all would be “road-ragers. Regards Sylvia


Hi Sally

I doubt you will remember me but I called you two months ago in mid-September to ask advice about the use of Naturone.  We discussed it and you asked me to let you know how it’s going.  I wanted to give you an update.

I had been taking HRT for approx 10 years and in discussion with my GP I took a lowered dosage for 6 months and then stopped taking it all together.  About four months after I stopped taking it I was experiencing horrendous symptoms of chronic anxiety, heart palpitations, depression and panic attacks.  I really thought I was going insane, I couldn’t understand why I was feeling what I was feeling and it scared me, I had never experienced these things before.  I would wake in the middle of the night with a fright, my heart pounding, my mind racing, adrenaline pumping through my veins and then I would panic because I didn’t understand what was happening. 

During this time, I consulted my GP who said I was depressed and gave me anti-depressants.  This was the same GP that took me off HRT’s.  He never mentioned that I might suffer any side effects from coming off HRT’s.  I took the anti-depressants for three days, had a massive panic attack and never took them again. I went back to my GP and he prescribed different anti-depressants.  I refused to take them.  I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t face taking those pills again, it just didn’t feel right.  I decided to find the real cause of these symptoms on my own.

It was a few weeks later that a friend of mine, who suffers terribly from endometriosis and is allergic to HRT’s, asked me if what I was experiencing could be hormone related.  I had no idea so I started researching.  I was shocked at what I found.   My GP never warned me and yet all the symptoms I was experiencing were common side effects from unbalanced hormones!  I became convinced that this was the route of my problem.  I discussed it with my Dietician ( Leach) because I was looking for a way to fix it, naturally, and she introduced me to Naturone and gave me the web address.

I read everything I could find on your product and listened to Dr Lee’s CD.  I was horrified to hear the facts about HRT’s and just earlier this year I had to undergo surgery to remove a lump from one of my breasts, it was clear, no cancer…but I got a real shock and then hearing about synthetic hormones and their effect on your body, I was shocked, I had been on them for 10 years and no one ever questioned that!  If I had gone back to my GP he would have recommended I go back on the pill immediately and I would be back at square one. 

Instead, I ordered a batch of Naturone in the hopes that my diagnosis was correct and that this would balance my hormones again.  That’s when I called you the first time.  The day I called, I was so desperate, I was constantly panicked and anxious, my brain felt like it was on speed all the time, I felt like I was stuck in a bad acid trip with no way out.

You were so friendly and professional on the phone and Helen, from your distribution office, was so efficient and helpful, thank you so much!

The cream arrived within two days and I immediately started using it.  I was warned that at first it might get a little worse and admittedly the first day was bad but I kept using the cream and literally within hours I was feeling better and within days I almost felt euphoric because I felt normal!

I’ve been using the cream twice a day from day 12 to day 1, for two months now and I am still experiencing heart palpitations on certain days of my cycle (always from approx day 17) and my ears are still ringing but the worst of the symptoms are gone.  Once in a while I have felt anxiety or panic but always briefly and nothing as severe as before.  I have struggled with emotional ups and downs (especially pre-menstrual) and my cycle was starting after 30-32 days and now it is starting between 19-20 days but I am sure it will balance out eventually.  It is such a relief, I honestly thought I would never feel normal again, I was so scared! I believe that although my body is not 100% right yet, it will get there with time.

I wanted to thank you for your product and your excellent service.  It seems like the world is becoming more and more selfish and profit driven and it frightens me to think that the people who have the skills, the knowledge and the technology to help people, abuse them to make more profit.  It gives me hope to know that there are some who are still fighting a good fight!  Thank you, I, for one, am so grateful for people like Dr Lee and the others who developed this cream and this treatment.

I have just ordered my second batch and I look forward to sending you more good news as the months go by.

Kindest regards


Dear Sal,

I’m just so grateful that i can pass on the knowledge of progesterone therapy to women in need and that you asked me to join your team when you helped me so much. I know that without the cream I would be a basket case by now.

The ladies in Zim using the cream give me positive feed back and somehow manage to keep buying it , one jar at a time.

.Take care



I was going to give you a call but will drop you a short e-mail in the meantime. I wanted to tell you that I started taking progesterone in November, Pip actually gave me a sample when he popped in to see my Mom and Dad and then I came to a talk and carried on with it. I have been trying to fall pregnant since the beginning of last year – not ovulating – and low and behold, am now 12 weeks pregnant! (just 3 month’s later) The progesterone definitely worked for me, unless the fertility dolls from a friend in Kenya did the trick!


Hi Sally,

Thought you would like to know ….., both girls that were on Naturone to enhance there chances of pregnancy are now pregnant. One stopped the cream before I knew she was pregnant and hasn’t ordered any more but she is doing okay. The other girl has just found out today (and rang me first – delighted!!!), I advised her to stay on the cream which she has agreed to do but has discussed whether she needs to stay on it throughout. She is the client the has the polycystic ovaries. How should I advise?

Take care,



Thankyou for my previous order; I cannot express fully enough the
delight and relief of symptoms that this cream has given me. For years
I have (unknowingly) suffered from ovarian cysts culminating in one
bursting last year resulting in major surgery and removal of my right
ovary and fallopian tube. A few months later another appeared on my
left ovary – the size of a football! The pain and swelling was
extremely debilitating and I was advised by my gynae that another
operation was the only option. Not happy with this prospect I wanted to
understand and address the source of the problem. This led me to Stella
Berg, who pinpointed the cause – hormonal imbalance – and in turn put me
onto your Naturone. Within a couple of weeks of using your cream the
swelling reduced completely and of course the consequent pain
disappeared – I can now walk without dicomfort, I’m no longer plagued by
intermittent seizures of pain and my energy levels are rising again.
Just absolutely marvellous!!

Please send me a repeat order 



I was recently introduced to the cream Naturone by Pam. I was dubious at first as this cream is not inexpensive. I was willing to try it as I am no spring chicken and with menopause around the corner as well, as me being a potential victim for breast cancer; I took the plunge and started using the cream. When I say I am a potential victim for cancer it is because I have relatives on my father and my mothers side who have had breast cancer. My mom was also a victim, so I have to go for regular check-ups for this reason. I have only experienced tenderness on my left side and after using Naturone for two months this has disappeared.

I was also suffering from bleeding piles for quite some time and nothing seemed to help. After using Naturone this condition suddenly cleared up. As I am no medical expert I cannot prove that it was the cream that helped me, but as I was not using anything else I can only put it down to that.

My only complaint is that you cannot get this through your medical aid and as this is a natural progesterone it can only be beneficial for you. We live in such an artificial age and good products like Naturone are hard to come by and it can also be heavy on your pocket. I feel we should all be able to benefit from natural products which do more good than harm.

Thank you



My mother attended a talk given by you here in Harare and bought me a tub of Naturone. I had had severe PND after my first baby which lasted for 6 months, and she knew I would give anything not to go through the same thing again. This time round, (my baby is now 3 month) I put 1ml Naturone morning and night and have not had depression, in fact have not had so much as one negative thought. It is quite amazing. It is also wonderful to know that there was a reason for the other depression and that I was NOT going mad !

Many thanks for your product, I will be telling all my pregnant friends about this wonderful product.

By the way, I am an amazing cow, this time round, and my baby is so good. Could this also be an effect of this product?




Hi Sally, I don’t know if you will remember me, my partner & I came on your detox retreat 3years ago in South Africa. We are the English / Scottish couple who live in Whitstable in Kent.

Firstly we want to thank you for your retreat which has transformed our lives.

We still bear the principles we learned on your retreat in mind with our choices in life and continue to spread the word.

I have been ordering and using your Naturone since the detox back in 2016 and continue to reap the benefits.

P and I

Kent UK


I have started using NATURONE about six weeks ago and have started on my third jar.  I am recommending this product to everyone – including my Gynaecologist.  My heels  are back to normal.  My libido is picking up nicely.  My spirit and moods as well.


Its been quite a while since our last e-mail & I’m happy to tell you that since being on progesterone for the last 5months I’ve never felt better! I’ve subsequently put all of my friends on it with the same great results. The only down side for me is the twelve days of terror (TDT) that I have to endure each month. Being a serious gym junkie I am overjoyed with the extra fatty deposits that seem to be just melting away



I attended your lecture in Johannesburg on the 19th March.  Previously I had been on HRT for 13 years (I am 63 years old).   About two weeks before your lecture I had stopped the HRT without any tapering and was experiencing panic attacks and hot flushes etc.  I felt the benefit of Naturone almost immediately but would be grateful if you could help me with some queries:-


Always come off drugs slowly.  Your body has become used to them and you could have withdrawal effects if you come off the HRT too quickly.

 I suggest you immediately start using Naturone and then wean yourself off HRT over 3 – 6 months, whichever is best for you.  Some people can come off fairly quickly without having withdrawal symptoms, others need longer.  On a pill, it is easy , as you would miss every other day for the first month, miss 2 days between dose in the second month. miss 3 days in the third month etc. With the patch, you would cut a quarter out of the patch used in the first month. a half off the second month, 3/4 the 3rd month etc.  The implant you just never take another one, but may use more Naturone for those months until you feel totally balanced


I have just been to see my Gynae, Dr A Warnich, and when he did my scan internally and was showing me my uterus, I asked him where my fibroids were.  He answered that they must have shrunk, because there was only a tiny one there.  So I told him that it must be as a result of the Progestrone, and he said my fibroids would have shrunk naturally anyway because of the oestrogen, and that confused the hell out of me.




Hi Sally- I wrote to you from Botswana last year as I was about to start Naturone. It has helped tremendously- migraines are a thing of the past and my periods are not nearly so heavy. It also helped a lot with insomnia. Of late I feel that things are changing again in my body- towards the end of my cycle last month the insomnia went wild again, I got hold of Ingrid and she got hold of Helen and both said to add an extra spoon would be ok for a short while, I did and it really helped. 10 days into my new cycle thing have gone pear shaped again so have added an extra spoon and things are calming down slowly.

I am 42 and have had just about all the symptoms you talk about on the website in varying degrees over the years-I find doctors really unhelpful and unwilling to try and understand that I listen to my body and that things have been changing gradually for the last 4 years. They just don’t seem to understand this peri-menopause idea!!!. I am unwilling to pursue the sleeping problem with the doctor as prescription sleeping tablets and anti-depressants make the situation worse and I certainly am not prepared to go the HRT rote, I have several friends who have come badly unglued that way. Can I continue to adjust the cream when the peri menopausal symtoms just aren’t manageable on 2 spoons and then readjust when it calms down again ?

Thanks so much


Yes you are doing the right thing by using it more when you need it more. You are going through extreme oestrogen dominance right now … with cessation of ovulation.  Also increase the dose especially if you are stressed, the  progesterone is all converted into the stress hormones leaving nothing to balance YOU, so then too is a good time to increase the dose according to stress levels.  You will find when having gone through menopause you will be able to take less and less.  I too listen intently to my body.


NATURONE has helped me so very much.

As I told you Shirley got me started. She said to me last year, “Susan, I think what you need is natural progesterone cream”.

To cut a long story short, I had decided I would not be going the HRT route and although I am so glad I made this decision, it has been a difficult one, since the effects of menopause, like the hot flushes and moods swings have been awful. 

Once I began using the natural Progesterone cream and getting used to the amount I needed to balance my system, my skin has improved, my energy levels better, mood swings have disappeared, my weight seems more balanced and most of all the hot flushes have lessened and almost down to nothing now.

So I am keen to assist others who are battling with various problems also and would like to become a promoter of your product.

Thank you once


Susan H


Hi Sal,

I have a friend whose daughter was admitted into hospital for steroidal treatment for IBD and I have given them some information that they need to have but I believe that progesterone would go a long way to help this, maybe even make it go away if she does all the other things she needs to .   I have just sent them also your Easter blurb regarding toxins etc..

Thanks for a wonderful product.   Got so many people on it now…


I am sure you have informed them that The most important thing with IBD is improving the gut Biome….. fermented foods, kefir, kumbutcha, and a good active probiotic.

And to avoid toxins ….so eat only organic, lots of tumeric, lemons, No junk, No sugar, No wheat.   The Keto diet is also good for healing this condition.

Glad you are spreading the good word re progesterone, which of course is also very anti-inflammatory

I’m very happy and proud to say that is exactly what I have told them ! 

Thank you so much for your quick response !! And I should know Bout Progrsterone being anti-inflammatory because it was for the first time in 30 or so years I was almost without my headaches I have never been so happy about finding a product as when I found naturone so thank you again! 

Warm regards